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Our Raving Fans

Read on for comments made by businesses that have gone through the Red Day® Challenge and have produced dramatic changes…

When you read their comments…you’ll discover that the impact of the Red Day® Challenge is far more than just financial…it creates better futures…

NOTE: None of the businesses featured were paid in any shape or form for their story… once you’ve been through the Red Day® Challenge yourself, you’ll see why everyone is so keen to help others succeed.

"This has been a big eye opener It shook my foundations and made me question all aspects of my work, my business – my life! ME!! What is it that important?  The big question to provide me with the bigger life! Thank you!  I feel empowered to help my relationships grow with my unique team, my family and colleagues"
   Tammie Nitschke - Elisabeth de Varga Exclusive Fashions

"Absolutely amazing-You Guys are a professional team"
   Sharon Drydon-SP Group

"Just Fantastic!! I needed to do this when I was eighteen and began working. This will not only put my personal life in perspective but more in important my business life…I will be referring Red Day to all my business friends"
   Paul Montgomery - Nuflow Technologies Pacific

"I now have the motivation, knowledge & tools to implement what I want in our business"
   Matt Dryden – SP Group   

"I have & will recommend this course to other business owners or potential business owners! Good luck with taking this great system global"
   Brett McAlister - Be! Building Group

"I think it helps people realise that the business & personal challenges they are experiencing are quite easily overcome. All you need are the right tools & the right people using the right tools for them"
   Vicki Wickham - Cold Runners Refrigerated Carriers

"‘My thoughts are all positive now I HAVE a very detailed template to organise my business so that I CAN STEP back & let my people run the systems. Thanks for changing my life"
   Marty Miller - Electrical Warriors Electrical Contractors

"Red Day Coaching have come up with a very unique way to set up a business where people will have less stress & tension in their lives.  It will help make life easier for every one…this package will create a fantastic opportunity for every business big to small to grow to something fantastic and much more enjoyable. It works it is really exciting having a unique package to keep me on track WOW!"
   Lyn Wylie - Hynwy Printing & Salepoints Reflexology

"Spending these 2 days with Red Day Coaching has opened my eyes again with the resolve to fully implement the changes by taking an external view Red Day view. Totally enjoyed this session!!
   Theo Pietersen - Signs of Style

"Thank you for providing us the concepts and tools necessary to make a lie of the Big Lie move (if you haven’t already seen it get yourself a copy)"
   Joe Felice - Profile Print

"This experience has made me understand how to look at business as a project & not as a job…I can create a ‘bigger life’
Thank you"
   Craig Williams -246 Ate catering

"My experience the last 2 days has been very inspirational. I feel it will give me more confidence in my personal and business life and with my team. It showed me my strengths & weaknesses…changing my priorities in my life. It made me do a great mind shift…where I was prepared to enter the police force in two weeks from this day, but withdrew my application to focus on building a successful business with my boss (Craig Williams). Thank you for your time it was fantastic"
   Janette Horton - 246 Ate Catering

"The Red Day Programme has given me the template for success. Not only for this business but any future business too!! Thank you George for sharing this vital ‘life Skill’ "
   Matt Stewart - Stewart Training & Consulting

"Motivation at its best, now we see where we can go and know that it will work. I think it is the key we needed to unlock the future’s door
Thank you..."
   Len Shaw -Shaw’s Meats

"I consider this the best system I have encountered and I have no hesitation in committing to it"
   Cornelius (Con) J Hughes – construction

"Red Day Coaching is not rocket science. The power and value is the step by step process that it has given me. I feel ready to make significant changes"
   Adam, Rogers -Holmans

"Very, Very Good. It has changed my mind set totally It’s the best I have yet seen"
   Melvin Hedges - Ocean Pearl Professional cleaners

"The Red Day Challenge is fantastic in making you gather the mind scatter into clear objectives using the systems"
   Scott Shellshear - Archer Gowland

"Reaffirmed many things floating in my head Now I can put the naughts & crosses on paper! (You have to do the programme to understand)  Keen to apply ASAP & get my team on same page"
   Michelle Murchison -Money Advantage Finance Specialists

"Habits are a hard thing to change, ask any addict, the last 2 days have helped give me confidence that my 20 year habit of filling my week with yellow days can and will be broken.  And the beautiful part is that not only will I benefit from this "awakening" but so to will my wife, my children my team and everyone else I have relationships with I am so looking forward to this journey"
   David Moles - FFC Brands

"As a team member I found the challenge very interesting and could definitely see applications in my place of work, especially for my boss. My attitude towards planning Red Days has changed – I’m committed to becoming more involved in the business. I will be recommending the challenge to my boss"
   Melissa Lemberg -Marketing Gallery

"I have been to many business seminars and never been given the tools, strategies and the templates to go back to work tomorrow and start applying this to my business…24/170 here I come!!!"
   Ro Gibson –Fruitworld

"I have enjoyed the professional manner in which the course was conducted. The challenge has given us the ability to now look at our business from a different perspective together with the tools to implement changes giving me personally and professionally confidence to move forward. Thanks George and Wayne for the opportunity of meeting like minded business managers and owners"
   Leah Langley -The Duporth Riverside (luxury holiday accommodation)

"This two day experience has energised me; it’s given me back my life focus It’s been the best investment I’ve ever made and is well worth the outlay for the invaluable material you receive both in a material sense and in a mental sense"
   Jaqui O’Donovan - DC Painting

"A life changing experience I am excited about this new journey with my husband not only in Red Days but in Green Days which have been missing from our lives for too long a time. A genuine, authentic group of people who have been where we are but are willing to share their knowledge and support to others"
   Tracy Imbs – Diesel Power Systems

"My personal experience of this 2 day intro to the Red Day Challenge has been one of realisation…Realisation that my hours spent working could-will be less and more fruitful. The Red Day Team have been able to provide us with the ‘Tools’ to implement"
   Bruno Imbs – Diesel Power Systems

"Grateful to redo the Red Day experience…I was at a point…not enjoying my new business…this has given me the motivation & excitement & systems to give me my life back."
  Jo Dillon - Worldwide Online Printing

"Thanks" Great 2 days, Practical, detailed, different "approach" to doing business. Providing better outcomes for business, team members, family and all that become involved with Red Day Coaching"
   Nigel Dobell - Archer Gowland

"The experience has shown me that business should be the vehicle to provide the lifestyle my family and I desire… (Business) shouldn’t take over our life"
   Mark Davidson – Insurance Champions

"I know Red Day Coaching will do amazing things in our world…I am excited about getting to my destination"
   Linda Sutton – RETQ Real Estate

"Red Day Coaching showed me that the more you are prepared to invest in yourself then the more you will have to invest"
   David Joy – Totalspan

"Red Day Coaching reaffirmed a direction for my business and gave me the tools to reach both business and personal goals"
   Eric King _ Kingsway Computer Consultant

"Red Day Coaching…has given me a new direction and the ability to change…A great 2 days…Thank you"
   John Guy – Hope Colonial

"Very enjoyable, very professional and very useful…I will be doing everything in my power to implement Red Day Coaching systems into my business…Well done!"
   Jon Colley – Holmans Lending

"Finally a light at the end of the tunnel"
   Bev Shaw – Shaws Meats

"Great couple of days, down to earth presentation that let me think outside the ‘old way’. The Red Day Team were all approachable and "REAL" you did this just right"
   Jeremy Bell – Davydick & Co

"Top 2 Days – Well done…enjoy your growth"
   Julie Worth – Octopus’s Garden

"Thank you for showing me that a left brainer can become a tactician by using Red Day Coaching Systems…Great 2 Days"
   Trevor Gilliland – Caloundra Law Business & Property Lawyers

"An enjoyable and useful association with other like minded individuals…a program I can implement in our business and lives with renewed confidence and creativity"
   Richard Coles – Rivergum Timbers

"Red Day Coaching Challenge…gives Focus on where you are going, develop steps to get there…be clear about what you want how you will get it and why you want to get there"
   Sean McLean – Cold Runners Refrigerated Couriers